A Poem of Letting Go

As I Am

Do this they say

Be that they cry

Did they ever stop to think

Of the time passing by?

How little I have left

To give to those who think

Only of themselves

The time lessens as we speak

I wish only to know who I am meant to be

When Things Are At Their Most Bleak

In the dark of the night

We look for the dawn

The smallest sliver of light to give us hope

We yearn for the warmth of the sun

Sliding softly across our faces

We yearn for the glimmer of light

To reflect off the tears in our eyes

We pray…

Why these toxic masculinity “Relationship Guru’s” have to go.

We’ve all heard it. “Don’t text him first”, “don’t be too clingy”, “let him do what he wants”, “don’t put any expectations, needs or standards on him whatsoever and don’t make any sudden moves or you will scare him away and die alone.”

Ok so maybe I embellished on that…

What it is and how to avoid it.

As we slowly ease our way out of the global pandemic that has kept many home-bound for over a year, we see a lot of new trends emerging. New styles of clothing, workspaces, social functions and yes…even dating. While some of these new trends can be the positive changes we…

How I Learned to Write My Own Apologies

We’ve all got them. Those lingering apologies. You know, the ones we never got…

Whether it’s from a romantic partner, a parent, a spouse, a friend, a boss, a coworker, we’ve all got those apologies we know we deserve but are yet to see. We begin to wonder if we…

Why do we resent what we need most?


Growth is painful

Change is hard

When we feel it coming on the breeze

We know it won’t be easy

We love routine

We hate routine

It is the great mystery

We ask for change

Then resent it when it comes

How are we to decide our own fate


3 Ways to Pull Yourself Out of Post Breakup Doldrums

Bbreakups suck. There. I said it. There is no getting around that fact, but do they really have to suck all that bad? …

When your heart is heavy enough to sink


The pain sits heavy

Here on my chest

No relief have I found

Not a moment to rest

No room to breathe

No air if I could

All I can feel is pain

The sting of solitude and being misunderstood

I feel it on every inch of my skin


Why Writers Should Not Be Pigeonholed

I mainly write about dating and relationships, a few wellness pieces, some that dance on the self help/spirituality line, but dating and relationships are my bread and butter. I didn’t choose the niche, the niche chose me. As with many writers I know, my writing in this area, came naturally…

What it is and 3 ways to spot it.

He was a cute, funny, yoga teacher, Tarot reader, and a purveyor of all things “healthy masculinity.” It was a match made in spirituality seeker’s heaven. Until it wasn’t.

Things He Said

Over a date of outdoor patios and high-end coffee, we bonded over a shared love of “healthy masculinity” and high hopes…

Bethany Barton

Bethany is an LA based author and freelance writer with a passion for Philosophy and human emotions and interactions

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